Dj Mentol

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Dj Mentol


Dj Mentol (his real name Csanad Mina) started his musical activity in 2007, when he was 15 years old. The success he obtained at a private party stimulated him to make his passion for electronic music the main interest. In the same year he became a resident in a pub, in Brașov.

This first experience helps him to accustom with the “large public”, to discover and to improve his knowledge from the fascinating music world.Starting with 2009, he becomes the youngest DJ of a local radio DJ’s team, for two years long, bringing in his broadcasting subgenres of house music such as: deep-house and dance music style: nu-disco, very little known in those years, in Romania.

Constantly rising and always eager to learn and to improve himself, he played in clubs in main, after-hours, private parties as well in warm-up for famous DJs.

In 2013 he joins Vibe FM Team, where everybody can receive the positive vibes through his innovative style, which entertains the Mondays with his Deep Therapy broadcasting.

2014 represented a full, important year, when he participated to various parties, events and festivals, such as Liberty Parade, the biggest dance music festival from Romania and the festival Back to the Wild (the second edition).